TSearch 1.0.1

Add a torrent search to Camino


  • Very simple
  • Searches multiple sites at once


  • Requires you to use AppleScript editor
  • Instructions are for older Mac versions
  • No refining of results

Not bad

TSearch is a simple AppleScript that will allow you to search for torrents you can download.

To use TSearch, you'll need to bear two things in mind - first, you'll need to use Camino, and secondly, you'll need to use the AppleScript editor. It's not difficult, but the instructions are for older versions of Mac, which could confuse Snow Leopard/Lion users a little.

To start open up the ReadMe file in the TSearch download. Where it says "AppleScript Utility", Snow Leopard users need to look for AppleScript Editor instead and follow the rest of the instructions as given.

TSearch will then spring into action, opening up a search box and searching for your search term in a variety of torrent search sites. The results aren't very refined - just a bunch of searches on various torrent websites - but it does save you manually typing. Users with a little more AppleScript knowledge can also use the script to tweak TSearch a little, adding and removing sites at will.

TSearch is a simple AppleScript for Camino that lets you search multiple torrent sites at once.



TSearch 1.0.1

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